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(en) September, Tasha Tillandsia (part 1)

Hi everyone!

Today we gonna speek about the September collection with inspiration shades of purple, violet, pink grey and silver! I really need your help to choose which colors I have to keep in the selection! Here a look of the first chart:

image 1, first chart of September

Image 2, swatch

Please tell me which colors you prefer and why, it really gonna help me ( maybe limit yourself to five colors, another part of the collection gonna come soon)

I already have mine but i'll wait a bit to show you them ;)

Please indicate within the comment the picture number( 1, 2 or 3) and where it is on the pic

Image 3, swatch

Do not hesitate to tell me if there is some other shades or colors you wanna see in the collection (shinny and glimmery ideas are also welcome) ! I'll see if i can add them to the 2nd part :)

We can play with the shades from reds to blues, it's only depends on you !

You can also add pictures on your comments or send me a DM on instagram to illustrate your ideas , it should be easier to me to see what do you mean (sometimes it's hard to have a clear idea because of various languages!)

May Mystery is back!

Finally , September is also the month of May mystery come back! (every one is asking for it , i'm feeling that i can’t keep you waiting any longer..)

I'm currently curing a batch of them, it still gonna be a limited edition as I am limitated by the quantities of pigments I've in stock. It's also a colour that needs a lot of investment and time and I have a lot of things to prepare for the following month!

I hope you'll enjoyed all this purply silvery things! See you in the comments!


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